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  • Edelman augers in the forge

    Augers & Samplers

    Empire United Ltd. provides a diverse array of robust augers and sampling tools designed for soil research purposes. Beyond their capacity to extract both disturbed and undisturbed soil samples at various depths, including above and below the groundwater level, our equipment serves the additional function of facilitating the establishment of monitoring wells.

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  • Using the Empire United Lysimeter

    Field measuring equipment

    Precise measurement data is paramount during the execution of soil investigations in the field. Empire United Ltd. presents an extensive selection of dependable and top-notch measuring instruments tailored for on-site usage.

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  • Soil laboratory testing equipment

    Lab testing equipment

    Following the collection of soil samples in the field, the subsequent phase commences - conducting analysis within the laboratory setting. Our range of tools facilitates precise and efficient execution of your research tasks, encompassing all steps from soil sample preparation and blending to measurement and comprehensive testing.

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  • Monitoring

    In our increasingly intelligent world, the significance of measurement and monitoring lies in their alignment with meaningful actions. Within our understanding of 'smart,' it encompasses more than just the accumulation of extensive data; the data's value rests in its relevance and its connection to actionable steps. Empire United Smart Monitoring is fully equipped to provide the essential resources, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive services required to generate pertinent data for your needs.

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  • Using the Drill'n CPT system

    Drilling & CPT

    Empire United Ltd. not only furnishes the essential tools and specialized knowledge to execute both of these soil investigation methodologies, but our equipment also empowers you to seamlessly integrate them in unprecedented ways. Whether you seek to establish a drilling fleet, enhance your drilling system with a CPT (Cone Penetration Testing) add-on, or institute a dedicated CPT program, we deliver an all-encompassing solution catering to your site investigation requisites.

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  • Soil health

    The vitality of healthy soil extends to all of us. When our soil maintains its health, it fosters optimal crop growth and minimizes plant disease challenges. A robust soil structure characterized by crumbliness, efficient drainage, and moisture retention is key. Through efforts directed at soil health, issues like compaction, flooding, drought, erosion, and compromised crop growth can be preemptively addressed. Furthermore, a healthy soil serves as a habitat for soil organisms, thereby contributing to overall biodiversity.

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Recharging of groundwater

Artificial recharge involves increasing the rate of groundwater recharge significantly beyond the natural percolation rate. This method ensures that groundwater recharge meets the demand. In the country, there is a phenomenon where the annual groundwater yields during pre-monsoon or post-monsoon, or both, surpass the annual groundwater recharge. This imbalance has led to a noticeable decline in long-term groundwater levels.

IoT based water monitoring system

Various methods exist for monitoring water conditions. Experts in monitoring employ sampling techniques to assess the chemical state of water, sediments, and fish tissue. These assessments help in evaluating the levels of essential components like dissolved oxygen, nutrients, metals, oils, and pesticides.

We propose an IoT-based water monitoring system designed to measure water levels in real-time. Our prototype focuses on the significance of water levels as a crucial parameter, particularly in flood-prone areas. The system utilizes a water level sensor to detect the desired parameter, and when the water level reaches a specified threshold, the system sends real-time notifications to social networks such as Twitter. Additionally, a cloud server is configured as a data repository for storing the collected information.

Professionals involved in the management and operation of water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, including civil and environmental project engineers and project managers, can benefit from this resource. It offers a wealth of visual aids, such as pictures, diagrams, and graphs, to enhance understanding and provide valuable insights into these systems.

Ballasted Sedimentation (Flocculation)

Ballasted sedimentation, also known as ballasted flocculation, is a water treatment process that utilizes coagulation and flocculation with recycled media, typically sand, acting as ballast for suspended solids and flocs. By introducing sand into the process, suspended solids or micro-flocs can attach to the sand particles, causing them to settle out of suspension more rapidly compared to when sand is not present. This enhances the efficiency of sedimentation in water treatment applications.

Ballasted flocculation is a high-rate physical-chemical treatment process used in water treatment. The process involves several steps. Initially, raw water is introduced into a coagulant mix tank where coagulants are added. The coagulated water then overflows a weir and enters a flocculation tank.

Following the flocculation tank, the water continues its flow into a clarification tank as part of the ballasted flocculation process. In the clarification tank, the primary objective is to allow the settled solids to separate from the water, resulting in clean water. To enhance the settling rate and improve the efficiency of the clarification process, many ballasted flocculation clarifier tanks incorporate inclined tube or plate settlers. These settlers are designed to provide a larger settling surface area within a relatively small tank footprint.

Once the settling process is complete in the clarification tank of the ballasted flocculation system, the sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the tank needs to be further processed. To separate the micro-sand from the solids, the sludge is pumped into a hydrocyclone. In this case, the hydrocyclone is specifically used to separate the micro-sand from the solid particles present in the sludge.

High Compaction Clarifying Thickener

In the past, customers faced a dilemma when selecting a wastewater treatment option as they had to choose between a clarifier and a thickener. Clarifiers were capable of producing clean water suitable for reuse; however, the sludge discharge from clarifiers had a high water content, making it challenging to manage effectively. On the other hand, thickeners offered a more manageable sludge underflow, but the quality of the clarified water was not sufficiently clean for reuse purposes.

A High Compaction Clarifying Thickener is an advanced wastewater treatment system that offers significant water recovery and high solids concentration in the underflow. With this system, it is possible to recover up to 90% of the process water while discharging an underflow with a solids concentration of 65% or higher by weight. The design of these systems is vertically oriented, featuring cone bottoms, rotating rakes, and water pressure to achieve the desired results. The vertically oriented design allows for efficient settling and compaction of the sludge, maximizing the concentration of solids in the underflow.

Raw water enters the central well from the top of the tank. Coagulants and flocculants can be added as the raw water flows or as it flows through the pipes that carry the raw water to the top of the clarifier. The source of the water to which the raw water is supplied can increase effective flocculation. In addition, a good foundation decomposes the incoming energy and prevents the sedimentation process in the pool.

As the particles and flocs settle, they are compacted by the rotating rakes to form a dense sludge. In addition, the vertical formation method uses high water pressure to compress and dewater the bottom sludge. Compressed sludge is discharged from the container at the bottom of the tank and clean water flows through a dam.

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