Smart data collection for soil and water management


In a rapidly advancing world characterized by increased connectivity and data availability, harnessing the power of information becomes crucial for effective soil and water monitoring and responsive actions. This necessitates intelligent data—information that empowers you to make informed decisions, presenting the specific insights you require and capturing the essential parameters. Our array of monitoring tools and services is tailored to make the process of measuring and managing soil and water not only intelligent but also streamlined.

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The value of data for soil and water management

Efficient monitoring of soil and water necessitates the availability of real-time data, enabling prompt and relevant responses.

Optimal decisions hinge on the foundation of high-quality data, and the accumulation of data over time enhances the depth of insights obtained. Through long-term monitoring, key parameters like soil moisture, water level, water quality, and river discharge can be examined comprehensively. This facilitates the understanding of external factors such as evaporation, precipitation, and water flow, shedding light on their impact.

Our solutions cater to the needs of soil and water managers, aiding them in ongoing research and continuous monitoring of both groundwater and surface waters. By configuring alarms for specific events, timely actions can be initiated. These alerts serve as a preemptive mechanism for scenarios such as high water levels (floods), low water levels (droughts), or water contamination. Moreover, the collected data can be accumulated over time for subsequent analysis. This meticulous approach to research equips decision-makers with insights crucial for making informed choices consistently.

Collecting data with Empire United Ltd equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of essential components, including hardware, sensors, probes, monitoring well installation equipment, cables, and modems, essential for establishing efficient monitoring networks. Our sensors are meticulously chosen for their data collection capabilities and operational reliability.

Empire United Ltd. has pioneered the creation of Smart Monitoring Services, designed to generate, store, and present pertinent data. This data not only facilitates improved asset management but also empowers the implementation of control signals for machinery and equipment.

To ensure the sustained excellence of your monitoring network and sensors, we collaborate with a dedicated team that is deeply familiar with the network's inception. This familiarity allows them to swiftly identify and address deviations. Operating from our Empire United Ltd. control room, we oversee numerous monitoring networks for our valued clientele and partners. This encompasses over 2,000 measuring points spanning soil, groundwater, and surface water, both within our home country and internationally.

Additional training for monitoring networks

Our commitment goes beyond mere management of measuring points; we extend our expertise to training our customers and partners in the proper utilization of measuring equipment. This education is conducted through our dedicated training center, the Empire United Ltd Academy, as well as hands-on field training with the support of our seasoned installation team.

Our training encompasses a wide spectrum, including the installation of multimeters, data loggers, and modems. Moreover, we guide participants through the day-to-day tasks of processing and transmitting measurement data from the field locations via telemetry. This includes essential skills such as establishing alarm thresholds and visualizing measurement data. Through comprehensive training, we empower our clients to extract maximum value from their monitoring networks.


In an increasingly intelligent world, the significance of measurement and monitoring lies not solely in amassing copious data, but rather in generating meaningful insights that drive concrete actions. To us, the term 'smart' embodies a more profound essence – one where data holds purpose and is directly tied to actionable outcomes. Through Empire United Ltd Smart Monitoring, we offer a comprehensive suite of resources, cutting-edge technology, and expert services aimed at procuring pertinent data to empower your decision-making processes.

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