Smart measurements of water and soil


In an era of increasing intelligence, the significance of measurement and monitoring is truly realized when coupled with meaningful actions. To us, 'smart' transcends the mere accumulation of vast data; it necessitates data that is not only substantial but also purposefully linked to actionable steps. Empire United Ltd.'s Smart Monitoring division is equipped to furnish the complete range of resources, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive services required to generate pertinent data tailored to your needs.

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Collecting the right data

This encompasses data that provides valuable insights and directs control signals for machinery and equipment. Our essence revolves around enabling the data that empowers you to shape outcomes in line with your requirements. Everything you need, from hardware and sensors to soil drilling equipment, cables, and modems, along with requisite guidance and service, is encompassed in our program.

Our evolution over time has shifted from product-centric to solution-driven thinking. While our traditional perspective revolved around products, the realm of smart monitoring propels us towards a platform where we emphasize delivering vital data.

Continuous monitoring versus sampling

Why opt for monitoring instead of periodic sampling? A comprehensive understanding of the conditions of the managed soil or water necessitates a wealth of data. Our sensors, which enable continuous water quality and quantity monitoring, amass thousands of records spanning weeks, months, and even years, capturing every fluctuation.

Periodic sampling inevitably leads to gaps in data, as illustrated in the accompanying image. Moreover, monitoring can be executed from anywhere, whereas regular sampling entails physically being present in the field. With our long-lasting sensors, a single installation of your monitoring network ensures years of functionality.

Smart soil moisture and water quality sensors

Our role extends beyond providing sensors; we complete the data cycle, fostering intelligent urban environments. By encompassing all facets of the water cycle, our products imbue adaptability for forthcoming extreme climate changes.

To monitor groundwater, we install simple, efficient sensors that communicate via the Internet of Things. This empowers trees to respond intelligently; when soil moisture is insufficient, they can trigger a sprinkler system without human intervention.

Empire United Ltd. Control Room

Our advanced control room at our headquarters in [location] serves as an epicenter for efficient monitoring, where data collection, management, and validation converge. This fusion of tools and data sets us apart, making us smarter and more cost-effective.

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Sensors and Probes

Empire United Ltd. offers an extensive array of sensors linked to soil and water, encompassing soil moisture, water level, water discharge, and meteorological sensors. Discover the smart solution tailored to your data challenges within our comprehensive range.

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Measuring water quality with Royal Empire United Ltd. equipment

Data communication and management

Recent advancements in sensors, dataloggers, and telemetry have birthed intelligent monitoring systems that operate remotely with minimal power consumption, delivering dependable real-time data. Our program features numerous products that support your specific data communication and management needs.

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