Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem
Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem
Transmit your sensor data

Modems for Data Transmission and Management

To ensure effective data communication and management, your data loggers must be capable of seamless communication. Empower your sensors, meters, and probes with Empire United Ltd.'s Global Data Transmitter (GDT) modem range, enabling the transmission of sensor data worldwide.

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Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem

Our products

GDT-S Prime modem

GDT-S Prime Modem

  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Integrated barometric and temperature sensor
  • Access data via DataViewer (web portal) or email
GDT Prime Plus

GDT Prime Plus Modem

  • Additional sensor port supporting a wide array of third-party sensors
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Robust design with IP68 waterproof rating
GDT Multiple

GDT Multiple Modem

  • Ensures a comprehensive data set
  • Equipped with internal barometric and temperature sensor
  • Can connect up to 6 sensors

The Global Data Transmitter Modem Range

Tailored for Field Use

Our GDT modem range is engineered for prolonged field use, securely transmitting data collected from water levels, temperature, conductivity, rainfall, soil moisture, and more.

3 Connectivity Options: GPRS, UMTS, or LTE

Select based on country or application

Various modem versions offer global connectivity options, enabling GDT to link with the network of your choice regardless of location.

Opt for the Right SIM Card

The SIM card in your modem serves a role similar to that in a mobile phone, connecting the modem to the data transmission network. Our Empire United Ltd. SIM simplifies setup, while the option to use your own SIM is also available.

Data Subscriptions

Active data subscriptions are necessary for the modem to transmit data through the SIM. Our sales experts are available to assist in configuring the subscription that suits your specific requirements.