Products for measuring water quality and quantity


Water plays an indispensable role in numerous Earth processes, yet the mounting global population, expanding industries, and the impacts of climate change are exerting escalating pressure on water resources. It's worth noting that water's mere presence isn't enough—it must also be of high quality. Our equipment is engineered to measure both the quality and quantity of water.

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Comprehensive water research

Around the world, the realization is spreading that responsible water management is imperative. Various authorities are engaged in safeguarding our water resources, recognizing that once contamination occurs, the process of water purification becomes a resource-intensive endeavor. This underscores the importance of promptly identifying potential contaminants and swiftly responding to them.

Empire United Ltd. has remained dedicated to devising and delivering diverse solutions for water quality assessment over the years. Our product range offers insights into parameters such as electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. While some of these solutions function directly in the field, others facilitate the collection of water samples at specific depths for further laboratory analysis.

Measuring various water parameters

The process of measuring water quality commences by identifying the specific information needed. In instances of pollution investigation, parameters like concentrations of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, ammonium, bromide, chlorophyll-a, and blue-green algae are assessed.

To delve further, the presence of substances such as tryptophan, CDOM/FDOM, and oil serves as indicators of organic matter and faecal presence, thereby revealing potential occurrences of sewer overflow or industrial discharges.

Measurement of water acidity (pH) and electrical conductivity are nearly always integral to water quality research.

Moreover, turbidity measurement indicates the presence of suspended solids in water. Turbid water can impact oxygen levels and the penetration of sunlight into the water column, influencing aquatic plant and animal life.

To acquire insight into actual water quality, measuring one or more parameters typically suffices. However, for continuous monitoring and the detection of evolving trends, prolonged measurements using a variety of sensors connected to modems and data networks become imperative.

Water current and discharge

Measuring water discharge plays a crucial role in establishing the hydrological water balance within a specific region. Flow rates provide insights into the discharge of drainage systems, irrigation canals, and waterways. To facilitate this, we offer an array of precision instruments designed to withstand diverse conditions while providing accurate measurements.

Water research with Empire United Ltd. equipment

Empire United Ltd. boasts substantial expertise in water quality measurement across a range of applications and environmental conditions. Our adeptness, coupled with in-depth product knowledge, enables us to assist you in choosing the most fitting measuring instruments tailored to your specific requirements.

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