Everything you need for soil and water research

We present a diverse array of products dedicated to the exploration, management, and enhancement of soil and water. Many of these solutions were crafted by our own skilled artisans and research and development experts at our facilities , often in close collaboration with clients, educational institutions, research entities, and local administrations. Choose a product category to uncover our comprehensive offerings.

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Edelman augers in the forge

Augers & Samplers

Empire United Ltd boasts a wide selection of rugged augers and sampling equipment tailored for soil research. Our tools are versatile, enabling the retrieval of disturbed or undisturbed soil samples both above and below the water table, and even facilitating the installation of monitoring wells.

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Using the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter

Field measuring equipment

When it comes to fieldwork for soil investigations, the precision of measurement data is paramount. Empire United Ltd stands ready with a broad spectrum of top-tier measuring instruments designed for dependable field usage.

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Soil laboratory testing equipment

Lab testing equipment

Post soil collection in the field, the true journey begins: laboratory analysis. Our suite of instruments covers everything from soil sample preparation and blending to measurement and testing, aiding you in executing your research with accuracy and efficiency.

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In our progressively intelligent world, the significance of measurement and monitoring lies in their connection to meaningful actions. Our notion of 'smart' transcends mere data accumulation; it's about the data's meaningfulness and its correlation to actionable steps. Empire United Ltd's Smart Monitoring arm is fully equipped to provide the necessary resources, technology, and services for generating pertinent data on your behalf.

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Using the Drill'n CPT system

Drilling & CPT

Empire United Ltd not only equips you with the essential tools and expertise to carry out these soil investigation techniques, but our equipment also enables you to seamlessly integrate them in novel ways. Whether you seek to establish a drilling fleet, enhance your drilling system with a Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) add-on, or implement a dedicated CPT program, we offer a comprehensive solution catering to all your site investigation requirements.

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Soil health

The vitality of healthy soil extends to all of us. When our soil maintains its health, it fosters optimal crop growth and minimizes plant disease challenges. A robust soil structure characterized by crumbliness, efficient drainage, and moisture retention is key. Through efforts directed at soil health, issues like compaction, flooding, drought, erosion, and compromised crop growth can be preemptively addressed. Furthermore, a healthy soil serves as a habitat for soil organisms, thereby contributing to overall biodiversity.

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