Installing a monitoring well in sonic drilling hole
Installing a monitoring well in sonic drilling hole
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Are you currently utilizing any of Empire United's tools on your sonic drilling machine? If so, and if you're looking to enhance your capabilities, Empire United offers a comprehensive range of additional accessories to meet your needs.

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Installing a monitoring well in sonic drilling hole

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ManipAll Rod & Casing Handler

ManipAll Rod & Casing Handler:

  • Boosts productivity during operations
  • Creates a safer working environment
  • Compatible with a wide array of casing options
Break-Out Clamps

Break-Out Clamps:

  • Prioritizes safety and ease of use
  • Ergonomically designed for responsible handling
  • Tempered sliding surfaces for durability
Monitoring Well Consumables

Monitoring Well Consumables:

  • Streamline your operations with efficient and guaranteed installations
  • Ensures well sealing that adheres to ISO, EPA, and ASTM standards
  • Adopts a clean working methodology, saving both time and money
WELL-GUARD® Casing Lubrication

WELL-GUARD® Casing Lubrication:

  • Free from petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Resistant to water
  • Biodegradable for environmental consciousness
SEAL-GUARD ECF™ Casing Lubrication

SEAL-GUARD ECF™ Casing Lubrication:

  • Environmentally accepted with biodegradability
  • Free from metal content
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons


  • High-capacity machine
  • Large 170-liter hopper
  • Equipped with two mixing tanks for efficient operation

MUD PUPPY 170 – 2SC:

  • Processes and cleans up to 1,300 liters per minute of drill mud
  • Patented Mud Puppy Mud Tank with 2,200-liter capacity
  • Complete Hydraulic System for seamless functionality

MUD PUPPY 255 – 2SC:

  • Processes and cleans up to 500 GPM of drill mud
  • Patented Mud Puppy Mud Tank with a capacity of 3,785 liters
  • Quick and easy-to-use design for efficient operations

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CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig

Discover Empire United's Comprehensive Range of Sonic Drill Rigs:

Empire United offers a diverse selection of sonic drill rigs, catering to various sizes to align with your specific needs and preferences. Our machines are meticulously designed to surpass industry standards, prioritizing safety and ergonomic considerations. With numerous options available, our rigs are guaranteed to elevate your productivity levels.

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Sonic drill head

Comprehensive Tooling Solutions:

Complementing our sonic drilling rigs, Empire United provides an array of versatile tooling solutions. These tools are not only geared towards enhanced safety and ergonomic efficiency, but they also facilitate superior sample collection. As we continually strive for excellence, our tools are designed to empower your sonic drilling operations, ensuring you achieve optimal results.

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