Using the Drill'n CPT system
Using the Drill'n CPT system
Diverse range of geotechnical research solutions

Drilling & CPT

Empire United goes beyond merely supplying the essential equipment and expertise for conducting soil investigation methods. Our equipment is designed to enable seamless integration, presenting you with unprecedented possibilities. Whether you intend to establish a drilling fleet, enhance your drilling system with a Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) add-on, or create a dedicated CPT program, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your site investigation requirements.

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Using the Drill'n CPT system

Sonic drilling solutions

Sonic drilling, an innovative technique, brings distinctive advantages over conventional drilling methods. With versatile applications, it's a versatile solution for diverse drilling tasks.

Sonic drilling employs high-frequency vibratory energy from a sonic drill head to advance a core barrel through even the most challenging soils, collecting high-quality samples along the way. Its uses span environmental, mineral, geotechnical, seismic, and geo-constructional drilling.

Boost your efficiency not just through Empire United products, but also via on-site product training. We equip you not only with the tools but also the knowledge to optimize your equipment's potential.

CPT Solutions

Empire United is your comprehensive resource for Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), offering a full range of equipment and necessary training.

CPT, a rapidly evolving site investigation technique, holds a wide array of applications:

  • Geotechnical: Offers insights into the soil profile for foundation design, quality control in ground improvement, or assessing levee/dike conditions.
  • Hydrogeological: Analyzes groundwater level, flow, and interaction with the surrounding soil.
  • Geo-environmental: Determines unknown foundation lengths, presence of buried steel objects, and soil contaminant presence.

Sonic CPT

Capitalizing on our profound expertise in both Sonic drilling and CPT, Empire United introduces SonicCPT, the latest development in the CPT industry..

When standard CPT encounters refusal, SonicCPT technology can overcome this limitation. It utilizes vibratory energy to reduce friction along CPT rods and break down stiff soil layers at the cone. SonicCPT can be integrated into Sonic drill rigs or CPT carriers, offering unparalleled versatility and deeper CPT application.

  • Maximize the versatility of a single rig across various applications with SonicCPT, which can be seamlessly integrated as an add-on to all Sonic drill rigs and the majority of Empire United CPT rigs.
  • Adaptable to an extensive spectrum of ground conditions, SonicCPT empowers you to perform CPT at unprecedented depths, going deeper than ever before.

Drill'n CPT

Empire United stands alone in providing such a diverse range of geotechnical solutions, offering dedicated drill rigs, CPT rigs, and the Drill’n CPT combination system.

Drill’n CPT is a user-friendly add-on system fitting into Empire United drill rigs' breakout clamp. This system facilitates swift switching from drilling to performing CPT, providing continuous data instead of discrete intervals, and allowing real-time monitoring.

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Sonic drilling on the beach

Sonic drilling

Experience the difference in Sonic drilling with Empire United equipment, enhancing productivity through a product line designed for safety and ergonomic excellence. Apart from our unique sonic drilling method, we offer hands-on product field training in your local environment.

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Compact Crawler CPT130


Cone Penetration Testing, developed nearly 90 years ago, is a globally adopted soil investigation technique. By incorporating additional modules, it caters not only to geotechnical investigations but also hydrogeological and geo-environmental studies.

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