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Enhance your Scuba multiparameter meter experience with our range of accessories designed to optimize performance and convenience. Explore our selection of Scuba accessories:

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Scuba softcase

Scuba softcase

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Water-resistant material for added protection
  • Offers ample space to accommodate all your Scuba accessories
MiniCleaner brush

MiniCleaner Brush:

  • Keep your Scuba sensors clean for accurate measurements
Copper anti-fouling kit

Copper Anti-Fouling Kit:

  • Helps prevent biofouling and ensures sensor efficiency
Scuba cable

Scuba Cable:

  • Available in lengths ranging from 5 to 200 meters
  • Ensures reliable connection between your Scuba probe and other devices
Scuba Y-cable

Scuba Y-Cable:

  • Connect the probe to an external battery for extended operation
Cable reel

Cable Reel:

  • Neatly store your cable for easy organization
Scuba data cable

Scuba Data Cable:

  • Connects the Scuba probe to display devices for data viewing


  • Enables Bluetooth Low Energy connection to any Scuba multiprobe
  • Enhances connectivity and data accessibility
USB adapter

USB Adapter:

  • Facilitates power supply and USB communication for your Scuba device
Flow cell

Flow Cell: