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Water quality test kits

Our array of water quality test kits is designed for identifying chemical substances in water. Utilizing these tools, you can specifically assess the presence of nitrate, turbidity, as well as various anions and cations. These compact and user-friendly test kits are ideal for field use.

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Nitrachek reflectometer - range 5-500 ppm

Nitrachek reflectometer - range 5-500 ppm

  • Designed for on-site analysis using fresh field samples, eliminating the need for sample transport
  • High accuracy when properly used
  • Allows user-defined batch calibration
RQflex reflectometer - excl. test strip

RQflex reflectometer - excl. test strip

  • Delivers precise results through dual optics and charge-specific adjustment of test strips
  • Compact and portable design for easy transportation
  • Environmentally friendly with biodegradable test strips, minimizing waste
Oil detection pan

Oil detection pan

  • Enables direct on-site detection of oil in soil
  • Facilitates on-the-spot analysis of soil and groundwater contaminants
  • Capable of detecting oil at even the lowest levels