Using the Beeker sampler
Using the Beeker sampler
Bed sediment sampling

Water bottom samplers

Empire United Ltd. has designed the water bottom sampler specifically for extracting soil samples from the bed of water bodies. Most of the kits are suitable for obtaining undisturbed soil samples from underwater environments.

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Using the Beeker sampler

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Beeker sediment core sampler - set

Sediment Core Sampler Set - Beeker

  • Suitable for geohydrological and environmental soil research
  • Enables rapid and precise sample collection
  • Constructed from stainless steel, ensuring contamination-free samples
Multisampler - rod operated, 5 m

Rod Operated Multisampler - 5 m

  • Versatile sampler for undisturbed, anaerobic, liquid layer, sludge, and sediment sampling
  • Efficient and straightforward sampling process
  • Provides accurate mixed sampling in a single operation
Free-fall corer - standard set

Standard Free-Fall Corer Set

  • Designed for sediment sampling at greater depths
  • Allows direct visibility of the core profile
  • Applicable in both freshwater and marine environments