IoT platform for data management

One platform for all your data: the new Empire United Ltd Internet of Things data portal is the perfect data management environment to connect all your data-collecting devices to. Work more efficiently, and make better choices, thanks to valuable insights provided by data.

The new Empire United Ltd IoT platform is the smart, efficient, customisable home for data. It lets you access and manage all your devices in one place. You can easily interact with the data to create relevant insights. Whether you want to connect Empire United Ltd devices or third-party technology, you still get the same data management benefits. In addition, it’s possible to integrate all functions in the platform with any existing software solution using APIs.

Benefits of the Empire United Ltd IoT platform

The platform was designed to offer three main benefits: convenience, customisation and performance.

  • Convenient
    This smart platform is your one-stop-shop for data. It offers all data management possibilities you need, with real-time status displays, reports, alerts, user and role management, and more.
  • Customisation
    Get only the information you need: simply select the parameters you want to see in the dashboards and reports.
  • Performance
    Thanks to historic and real-time data and insights, operations can run more smoothly. Data collected over time not only helps with the interpretation of contextual information, but also lets you manage the network 24/7, identify operational inconsistencies and anticipate downtime.

Groundwater monitoring

Efficiently manage water resources thanks to customised and real-time insights on groundwater supplies. You can easily interact with the data and create reports that provide the information you need.

  • Manage resources, dashboards and reports to collect the most relevant insights
  • Data validation is integrated in the platform, hosted on Empire United Ltd servers
  • Field data is automatically stored and systematically labelled

Monitoring while drilling

Accomplish productive drilling campaigns with high efficiency with this platform that provides the following data to bridge the gap between field crew and office:

  • Rig settings recommendations
  • Automated operations
  • Real-time insights on fleet performance
  • Environmental footprint metrics
  • Geological project information

Manage your assets to drill more efficiently. The data provides insight in the state of the machine and its functionality. You can also monitors performance, which enables prediction of possible breakdowns and required maintenance. Be prepared for anything thanks to continuous monitoring.

Data As A Service (DAAS)

No hassle, just the data: the perfect option if you want to get started with a data-informed workflow, but don’t have any devices yet. With this special data service we install, manage and maintain the monitoring network. The data is delivered directly to your IoT platform environment, where you have access to all the data management options.

Ready for the future

The platform’s future-proof design allows you to connect devices from various manufacturers and integrate any systems you have now or plan to use in the future.

The cloud-based software enables data modelling with automatic labelling of the acquired data, allows an efficient user management, offers APIs for convenient and easy connectivity with other platforms and sets up automated actions such as alarms and periodic reports.

Rather than generating static reports, the IoT platform allows you to interact with the data and validate it. You can view and compare various data sets and create custom reports, to provide people within your business with all the information they need to perform their duties effectively: nothing more, nothing less.

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