CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig
CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig
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At Empire United, we offer an extensive selection of sonic drill rigs in varying sizes, ensuring that you can choose the machine that perfectly aligns with your project's specifications and demands. Our rigs are thoughtfully designed to surpass industry standards in terms of safety and ergonomics, ultimately bolstering your productivity. With a multitude of options available, you'll find the ideal fit for your requirements.

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CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig

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SmallRotoSonic PL

SmallRotoSonic PL:

  • Exceptional speed and superior outcomes
  • Yields undisturbed samples
  • Compact and easily maneuverable, delivering powerful sonic performance
SmallRotoSonic ML

SmallRotoSonic ML:

  • Compact rig with enhanced maneuverability
  • Accelerates drilling and sampling efficiency
  • Small footprint, ideal for space-restricted locations
CompactRotoSonic XL140

CompactRotoSonic XL140:

  • Features a separate swivel
  • Powerful yet relatively compact rig
  • Multifunctional capabilities for diverse drilling needs
CompactRotoSonic XL170 MAX

CompactRotoSonic XL170 MAX:

  • Compact design combined with robust power
  • Separate swivel for enhanced versatility
  • Rod manipulator on the rig's side for efficient operations
CompactRotoSonic V

CompactRotoSonic V:

  • Separate swivel configuration for enhanced control
  • Exceptional maneuverability for various applications
  • Can be used for various applications
MidRotoSonic XL MAX

MidRotoSonic XL MAX:

  • Designed for the potent LS 50K sonic drill head
  • Compact profile with maximum drilling speed and capacity
  • Elevates productivity for demanding projects
LargeRotoSonic FS250

LargeRotoSonic FS250:

  • Enables drilling at greater depths
  • Produces larger diameter, high-quality samples
  • Equipped with fully automated rod or casing handling features
SmallRotoSonic ML DUO

SmallRotoSonic ML DUO:

  • Features both SmallRotoSonic and four-speed rotation heads
  • Easy transition between drill heads
  • Enhances versatility and efficiency
CompactRotoSonic XL140 DUO

CompactRotoSonic XL140 DUO:

  • Equipped with two distinct drill head options
  • Compact size with high sample quality
  • Facilitates efficient drilling operations
CompactRotoSonic XL170 MAX DUO

CompactRotoSonic XL170 MAX DUO:

  • Powerful rig with dual drill head capabilities
  • Ensures exceptional sample quality
  • Provides versatility for diverse drilling scenarios
MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO

MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO:

  • Equipped with MidRotoSonic 50k and four-speed rotation heads
  • Offers DUO option for drilling in varying terrains
  • Strong and maneuverable for efficient drilling tasks


  • Suited for challenging terrains
  • Offers impressive results with a modest investment
  • Operates at a true 150 Hz frequency

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Enhance Your Sonic Drilling Experience:

Empire United's dedication to enhancing your sonic drilling operations extends to offering an array of accessories.

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Whether you seek additional support for your existing tools or are looking to expand your rig's capabilities, we have the accessories you need to elevate your sonic drilling experience. Our commitment to completeness and excellence ensures that our sonic drilling rigs and accompanying tooling are geared toward achieving remarkable results while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and precision.

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