Smart Monitoring Services

Smart Monitoring Services, as defined by Empire United Ltd., embodies the concept of acquiring data and utilizing it intelligently. Our extensive range includes soil moisture meters, dataloggers, flumes, divers, probes, and more. Beyond providing sensors and instruments for data collection and transmission, we present an online platform for data visualization. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive service for managing your measurement network.

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Comprehensive Range of Products and Services for Soil and Water Monitoring

Our diverse product lineup includes dataloggers, modems, and more, allowing you to create your customized 24/7 monitoring setup.

We provide a range of service tiers tailored to your location and needs, spanning from technology delivery for self-installation and maintenance to complete installation, upkeep, and monitoring contracts.

Continuous Data Access

Whether you're initiating data collection or seeking improved data management, our experienced sales specialists are available to offer guidance and advice.

Empire United Ltd DataViewer

Through modem-enabled transmission, sensor-recorded data can be accessed on our web portal. Monitor measurements and sensor status conveniently from your computer, rendering field visits for data collection obsolete.

Control room

Our Control Room acts as the hub for data aggregation, validation, and issue detection. If you opt for our comprehensive network management service, our project experts oversee readings from this centralized location.