Overview of CPT modules
Overview of CPT modules
Enhance Your CPT System with Additional Measurement Options


Augmenting your CPT operation with a module positioned behind the cone provides an efficient means to gather supplementary soil information alongside the CPT cone data. Whether capturing seismic waves, magnetic field variations, or soil conductivity, incorporating a module can significantly enrich the overall data collection process during a CPT test.

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Overview of CPT modules

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Seismic module

Seismic Module

  • Reliable method to acquire wave velocity profiles
  • Insight into dynamic soil behavior
  • Applicable for assessing soil liquefaction potential
Gamma-ray module

Gamma-ray Module

  • Classifies soil based on radioactive elements
  • Measures gamma counts and radiation levels
  • Suitable for various soil types and minerals
Magnetometer module

Magnetometer Module

  • Detects anomalies in magnetic fields
  • Equipped with built-in bidirectional inclinometer for orientation
  • High accuracy of <0.5% of the full scale (FS)
Dielectric module

Dielectric Module

  • Measures permittivity, electrical conductivity, and temperature
  • Operational up to 500 mS/m
  • Provides insights into stratigraphy, moisture content, salt levels, and more in a single test
Video module

Video Module

  • Compact color video camera with 6 high-brightness LEDs
  • Protected by a durable double-layered scratch-resistant sapphire window
  • Both window and camera unit are easily replaceable