Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem
Measure water levels, discharge, quality and more

Water sensors

Water sensors offer a convenient method to effortlessly monitor various water attributes, eliminating the need for frequent manual measurements. The installation of these devices facilitates data collection, with instruments capable of measuring water level, temperature, electrical conductivity, and discharge.

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Micro-Diver water level logger

Micro-Diver Water Level Logger:

  • Designed to fit 3/4 inch monitoring wells
  • Ideal for frequent and extended-term measurements
  • Delivers reliable and accurate data
TD-Diver water level logger

TD-Diver Water Level Logger:

  • Suitable for long-term groundwater monitoring
  • Offers 72,000 time stamp records with backup
  • Features continuous and fixed-length memory options
Cera-Diver water level logger

Cera-Diver Water Level Logger:

  • Designed for measuring water levels and temperatures in corrosive conditions
  • Stores 48,000 records of time-stamp, pressure, and temperature data
  • Allows for easy installation in a variety of well types
CTD-Diver water level logger

CTD-Diver Water Level Logger:

  • Enables monitoring of electrical conductivity, water levels, and temperature
  • Provides 144,000 timestamp records with backup
  • Ideal for long-term measurement needs


  • Accurately captures atmospheric pressure changes
  • Requires minimal maintenance and no user calibration
  • Provides reliable and precise data
Stainless steel RBC flume

Stainless Steel RBC Flume:

  • Ensures accurate water discharge measurements
  • Compatible with sensitive water level loggers
  • Available in four sizes to cater to diverse research requirements

Divers: Advanced Water Level Sensors

The Diver water level logger series offers a robust selection of data loggers for groundwater and environmental professionals. These loggers accurately measure and record fluctuations in surface and groundwater levels, temperature, and conductivity.

Various Diver models are available to suit different water types, usage ranges, internal memory storage needs, and sizes.

Flumes for Accurate Discharge and Flow Rate Measurement

Flow rate data play a pivotal role in the design and monitoring of irrigation canals. These measurements facilitate the creation of efficient water distribution systems that minimize water surplus or wastage. Accurate flow rate measurements are crucial at canal splitting or separation structures, as well as at section levels, to ensure adequate water supply for crops.

In the context of irrigation system management, precise water discharge measurements are vital. Discharge refers to the volume of water passing through a canal at a specific location and time, typically measured in liters per second or cubic meters per hour. These measurements contribute to determining hydrologic balance in a designated area.