Consumables, protection and accessories

Monitoring wells

Ensuring environmental protection and accurate analysis, our monitoring well consumables are crafted from non-contaminating materials. When available, these consumables are supplied with a KIWA quality certificate.

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Accurate monitoring well measurements

Achieving precise measurements from monitoring wells hinges on various factors. It's crucial to choose materials that won't introduce contamination into the soil or environment. The integrity of your monitoring system's quality relies on these choices. Materials that lead to contaminated water samples can compromise analysis results. Furthermore, proper sealing and materials that don't facilitate chemical or water diffusion are essential.

Our products are designed with safety in mind, and some even hold KIWA certificates for added assurance. We've developed a specialized line of monitoring well products to counteract non-representative water samples. These products thwart water leakage between soil layers and chemical diffusion within the monitoring system.

Assembling a complete monitoring well

To assemble a comprehensive monitoring well, you'll require various components, including:

  • Plain HDPE or PVC pipe
  • Filter pipe of the matching diameters
  • Filter Gauges
  • Filter Sand
  • Bottom & Top Caps
  • Sand Catcher
  • Bentonite
  • Protective Caps/Covers