Sonic drill head
Sonic drill head
Meet our sonic tooling

Sonic Drilling Operations:

Our sonic drilling rigs are already extensively equipped to meet your requirements. However, the available tooling offers you the opportunity to further enhance your machine's capabilities. Within our selection, you'll find a range of tools that not only promote increased safety and ergonomic efficiency but also ensure superior sample quality. Moreover, these tools contribute to a cleaner and more precise sample collection process.

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Sonic drill head

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AquaLock Piston Sampler

AquaLock Piston Sampler:

  • Elevate sample quality and recovery in unconsolidated alluvial soils
  • Reduce costs per sample meter
  • Swift and accurate sampling process
Single wall CoreBarrel Samplers

Single Wall CoreBarrel Samplers:

  • Enhance sample quality
  • Obtain samples without water usage
  • Rapid and precise sampling procedure
Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers

Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers:

  • Enhance sample quality and recovery, especially in harder and mixed formations
  • Preserve fine material within samples
  • Capture every layer effectively
Rods and Casings

Rods and Casings:

  • Specially threaded conical connectors ensure durability in sonic vibration conditions
  • Mid sections of casing are selected from top-quality seamless pipe
  • Available in various configurations to suit your needs

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Accessories for Your Sonic Drilling Machine:

Should you already possess Empire United tools for your sonic drilling machine and require additional accessories, rest assured that Empire United provides a comprehensive range of accessories to support your operations.

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CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig

Explore Our Wide Range of Sonic Drill Rigs:

Choose from our diverse selection of sonic drill rigs in various sizes, enabling you to select the machine that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Designed for elevated safety and ergonomic performance, our machines set a new industry standard. With an array of options available, our rigs are guaranteed to boost your productivity levels.

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