Using the Aardvark permeameter
Using the Aardvark permeameter
Determine water permeability

Hydraulic conductivity

The assessment of water permeability, also referred to as hydraulic conductivity, holds significance in both agricultural and environmental soil research. The permeability factor plays a pivotal role in determining the potential extent of pollution spread within the soil. This property can be evaluated both in laboratory settings and directly within the field.

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Using the Aardvark permeameter

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Hydraulic conductivity test kit

Hydraulic Conductivity Test Kit

  • Designed for infiltration and soil permeability research
  • Capable of measurements to depths of up to 2 meters
  • Ideal tool for determining drain spacings
Guelph constant head permeameter

Guelph Constant Head Permeameter

  • Operates on the steady-state principle for optimal accuracy
  • Easily transported, assembled, and operated by a single person
  • Measurement durations range from 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on soil type
Aardvark permeameter PC-tablet set

Aardvark Permeameter PC-Tablet Set

  • Well-suited for environmental monitoring purposes
  • Features a constant-head borehole permeameter
  • Applicable for measurements at varying depths: deep, long, and shallow
Mini rainfall simulator for erosion test

Mini Rainfall Simulator for Erosion Test

  • Compact and lightweight; no need for trucks
  • Calibrated glass nozzles with long-lasting reliability
  • Provides simulated rainstorms for comparative erosion research