Sonic drilling on the beach
Sonic drilling on the beach
Meet the difference in Sonic drilling

Sonic drilling

Discover the Difference in Sonic Drilling with Empire United's cutting-edge drilling equipment. Our range of drilling solutions is engineered to enhance productivity while prioritizing safety and ergonomics. We offer a unique sonic drilling method that sets us apart from the industry standard. Additionally, we provide on-site field training to ensure you're maximizing the potential of our equipment in your specific environment.

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Sonic drilling on the beach

Understanding Sonic Drilling:

Sonic drilling employs a high-frequency (150 Hz) technique to penetrate soil layers effectively. The drill head's oscillator generates resonating energy directed into the borehole. This energy, combined with rotational movement, evenly acts on the drill bit and equipment. Operators can adjust sonic vibration to match soil conditions.

Advantages of Sonic Drilling:

  • Reduced friction along the drill string requires less power
  • Prevents torsional forces on the drill string
  • Retrieving the drill string is easier, even in challenging conditions
  • Liquefaction and inertia effects facilitate continuous, long samples
  • Vertical high-frequency movement keeps the drill string straight

When to Choose a Sonic Drill Rig:

Sonic drilling is ideal when avoiding drilling mud, air, or water is necessary. It's preferred for geotechnical, geo-construction, and environmental applications. In specific projects, running dry is preferable to using water or air. Sonic drilling excels in overburden conditions, offering cost savings in environmental projects and preventing disturbances in mining projects.

Why Choose Empire United Sonic Drilling Rigs:

  • Our rigs and tooling excel in various overburden conditions
  • Provides highly undisturbed samples with excellent recovery
  • Rigorous field testing ensures reliability and performance
  • Our equipment is designed for challenges, making the impossible possible

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CRS XL170 DUO sonic drill rig

Explore Our Drill Rigs:

  • Choose from a wide range of sizes to suit your needs
  • Our rigs prioritize safety and ergonomics
  • Expand your rig's capabilities with available tooling
  • Improve safety, ergonomics, and sample quality
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Tooling Options:

Empire United's sonic drilling rigs come equipped with a comprehensive array of features. However, our available tooling options offer the opportunity to further enhance and customize your machine's capabilities. Our diverse selection of tools not only promotes enhanced safety and improved ergonomics but also facilitates the acquisition of higher-quality samples.

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Accessories and Support:

  • Find accessories for your tools and drilling machine
  • Empire United's tooling enhances safety and sample quality
  • We're dedicated to supporting your drilling endeavors
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