Test water samples in the field

Water quality

Water quality holds immense significance for the well-being of humans, animals, and plants, given that water is one of the paramount sources of life. To examine water samples or aqueous extracts, an assortment of dependable and precise water quality test kits and water quality meters are at your disposal.

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Water quality test kits

For identifying chemical constituents in water, our array of water quality test kits comes into play. With our tools, you can specifically assess the presence of nitrate, turbidity, as well as various anions and cations in water. These test kits are designed for simplicity and convenience in field applications.

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Water Quality Meters

Water quality meters

Empire United offers a diverse selection of water quality meters, all of which hold CE approval. These instruments are tailored for analytical measurements, both in challenging field settings and demanding laboratory conditions. With the capability to measure pH, EC, and oxygen levels in water or wet soil, you can obtain reliable and accurate data.

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