Empire United provides two mechanical instruments for measuring soil shear strength. The field inspection vane tester is employed for determining the shear strength of undrained cohesive soft soils, ranging from CU to firm non-fissured soils, directly on-site. Additionally, we offer the pocket vane tester, which allows for quick measurement of the approximate shear strength of cohesive soils, whether in the field or laboratory.

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Field inspection vane tester

Field Inspection Vane Tester

  • Well-suited for topsoil measurements
  • Highly suitable for agronomists and civil engineers
  • Compact, yet sensitive and accurate
Pocket vane tester set - with 3 vanes

Pocket Vane Tester Set - includes 3 vanes

  • Designed for pedologists and geologists
  • Ideal for topsoil measurements
  • Provides shear stress indications for samples and profiles