Measure the water content of soil

Soil moisture

Soil moisture plays a pivotal role in various aspects of soil health and plant development. It acts as a solvent and carrier for essential nutrients vital for plant growth, helps in regulating both soil and plant temperatures, and serves as a crucial component for efficient photosynthesis. Soil water is indispensable not only for plant growth but also for the metabolic functions of microorganisms.

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Assessing soil moisture tension (measured in hPa, mbar, or cbar) holds significance in comprehensive agricultural soil research. Our tensiometer enables direct measurement of soil matric potential, thereby providing insights into the moisture content of unsaturated soil, directly in the field.

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Measuring indirect soil moisture with the Watermark sensor


Measuring soil moisture suction tension involves indirect methods utilizing a robust non-salt-sensitive block integrated with an 'open' condenser. By analyzing the insulating properties of this capacitor, the value of the suction can be derived and displayed using our equipment.

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Using the Thetaprobe

Volume percentage

Quantifying soil moisture content in terms of volume percentage gauges the water quantity within a given soil volume. This metric holds relevance in environmental studies related to acidification and pollution, as well as optimizing plant growth and crop yield. Our sets are excellently suited for accurately measuring soil moisture content in terms of volume percentage.

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