Analysis of soil texture

Particle size distribution

Particle size determination offers insights into substance behavior in soil, aiding in soil quality assessment. It delves into soil's sustenance for flora and fauna and its extractability. This understanding shapes soil suitability, including for agriculture.

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Granular composition test set, wet and dry sieving

Granular Composition Test Set, Wet and Dry Sieving

  • For soil classification
  • Comprehensive set for coarse soil fraction analysis
  • Applicable for both wet and dry sieving
Hydrometer kit, standard set

Hydrometer Kit, Standard Set

  • Designed for smaller soil fractions
  • Determines particle size distribution
  • Grain size assessment following Stoke's Law
Pipette apparatus

Pipette Apparatus

  • Two variants: wall and table models
  • Ideal for particles below 38 μm
  • Complies with NEN 5753 and ISO/DIS 11277 standards

Particle Size Distribution

Particle size distribution (grain size distribution or texture) ranks among soil's core features. It influences properties like moisture availability, permeability, compaction, etc. These, in turn, dictate tillage ease, capillary conductivity, and more.

Soil Grain-Size Analysis

Soil classification leans heavily on particle size distribution. Soil quality's target and intervention values hinge on parameters including the clay fraction. Accurate particle size determination involves methods beyond sieve-based analysis.