Using the water level meter
Using the water level meter
Reliable manual water level measurements

Water level

Water level measurements serve as the foundation for hydrological soil investigations, encompassing factors like soil porosity, the assessment of groundwater flow directions, and more. We offer an array of systems designed for practical water level measurement and recording. Our sounding devices, equipped with acoustic and light signals, are employed to accurately determine liquid levels through manual means.

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Using the water level meter

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Water Level Meters

Featuring Acoustic and Light Signals

Our groundwater level meters are meticulously crafted to furnish swift and precise information about the pertinent water levels. The probes, connected to measuring tapes, emit acoustic and light signals upon contact with the water's surface. The depth is easily discernible from the centimeter markings on the measuring tape. These measuring tapes are available in various lengths, spooled on reels, with or without accompanying frames.

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