HydraProbe soil sensor
HydraProbe soil sensor
Accurate soil moisture meters

Soil sensors

Maintaining optimal soil moisture is a critical factor for ensuring the health of plants and wildlife. While additional irrigation can influence soil moisture levels, it's imperative to have a clear understanding of the current moisture status. Our soil sensors are designed to provide this essential information, and Empire United Ltd. offers the right variant based on your specific information requirements.

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HydraProbe soil sensor

Our products

HydraProbe SDI-12 Standard

HydraProbe SDI-12 Standard:

  • Delivers accurate measurements across varying locations, soil types, moisture ranges, and seasons.
  • Compatible with any SDI-12 capable data logger without the need for setup.
  • Provides continuous accuracy without requiring calibration.
HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro

HydraProbe SDI-12 Pro:

  • Measures soil moisture, temperature, and salinity
  • Accurate readings across diverse conditions
  • Compatible with SDI-12 capable data loggers without setup
W.E.T. sensor kit

W.E.T. Sensor Kit:

  • Reads moisture percentage, bulk soil conductivity, and temperature
  • Ideal as a fast mobile measuring system
  • Suitable for field use or on soil samples

HydraProbes for Reliable Soil Insight:

HydraProbes are designed to measure three crucial soil parameters: moisture, salinity (bulk EC), and temperature. If you're seeking a robust soil moisture and optional salinity sensor for long-term monitoring, the HydraProbe meets your needs.

The benefits:

  • Consistently accurate measurements without calibration.
  • Suitable for various locations, soil types, moisture ranges, and seasons.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty and fully potted components.
  • Compatible with any SDI-12 capable data logger, eliminating setup requirements.

Choose Based on Your Needs:

  • Soil moisture and temperature only? Opt for HydraProbe Standard.
  • Soil moisture, salinity, and temperature? Choose HydraProbe Pro.
  • The optional SDI-12 read-out unit provides instant readings and testing for troubleshooting.

The optional read-out unit SDI-12 gives immediate readings of current measurement conditions from HydraProbe soil moisture sensors. It also allows testing of individual sensors to troubleshoot when the sensors are part of a larger system. It features a large display window in a robust weather resistant casing.

The Science Behind Our Products:

    Our products utilize Ratiometric Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry, which measures energy storage and losses separately, providing accurate results. Our technology is endorsed by reputable sources like the American Geophysical Union and Soil Science Society of America.

Data Read-Out Options:

  • Use HydraGo for field data readings via an app.
  • Connect HydraProbe to any SDI-12 data logger for field data logging.
  • Access your data through email or our web portal using the GDT Prime Plus GPRS modem with Empire United Ltd. SIM.

Our advisors are happy to tell you more about the different options and help you choose the right solution.