Water quality monitoring with multiparameter meter
Water quality monitoring with multiparameter meter
For sampling or longterm monitoring

Multiparameter meters

Multiparameter meters offer a convenient solution for simultaneous measurement of multiple soil or water characteristics. Employing a single instrument for monitoring saves time, space, and effort. With easy installation, these meters seamlessly integrate into our intelligent sensoring program. This integration empowers you to monitor soil and water quality comprehensively and promptly respond to critical data.

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Water quality monitoring with multiparameter meter

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Introducing Scuba Water Quality Sensors

The Scuba water quality probes serve various purposes, catering to discrete sampling, profiling, or functioning as self-powered loggers. Seamlessly connect them to telemetry stations for continuous real-time monitoring, granting direct access to water quality data via cloud-based software. The Scuba probes communicate through RS-232, SDI-12, or Modbus interfaces, offering versatility in connectivity options.

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