Liquid Manure Automatic Sampler
Liquid Manure Automatic Sampler

Sampling Liquid Manure

When transporting liquid manure, it's compulsory to possess an onboard sampling and packaging apparatus that can automatically weigh and collect slurry samples. Empire United Ltd. offers this equipment for a variety of vehicles, accompanied by appropriate sample packaging materials.

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Liquid Manure Automatic Sampler

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Fraud-proof automatic sampler for liquid manure

Tamper-Proof Automatic Liquid Manure Sampler

  • Compliant with Current Legal Regulations
  • Automates Slurry Sampling Process
  • Offered in Two Different Sizes
MeMo sample pot, reusable

Reusable MeMo Sample Container

  • Can Be Reused Up to 6 Times
  • Comes with Lid and Closure Ring
  • Designed to Prevent Tampering