Various water sampling equipment

Water samplers

Empire United Ltd. offers a diverse array of water samplers in its selection. The distinctions among these samplers lie in the materials used and the methods of sampling. This can involve collecting sediment while water flows through the sampler or obtaining a vertical column of sediment from still water.

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Van Dorn water sampler, set

Van Dorn water sampler, set

  • Horizontal water bottle design
  • Includes heavy metal analysis capability for coastal waters
  • Minimal risk of contamination
Kemmerer water sampler, set

Kemmerer water sampler, set

  • Vertical water bottle configuration
  • Suitable for water sampling in lakes, channels, wells, and seas
  • Can be used with CTD Diver for temperature, water depth, and conductivity monitoring
Watertrap water sampler

Watertrap water sampler

  • Facilitates easy determination of sediment load
  • Effective even in high current conditions
  • Capable of providing representative samples from flowing water up to a depth of 25 meters