Measure the quantity of sediment carried by water

Sampler sets for Suspended Sediments

Sampling suspended sediments serves various purposes, including chemical, biological, bacteriological, thermal, and mineralogical analyses. It also allows the measurement of sediment transport in rivers and other water bodies. We have engineered a selection of sampler sets to ensure the utmost reliability and accuracy of data for each analysis.

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Suspended load sampler Delft bottle

Delft Bottle Suspended Load Sampler

  • Designed for measuring suspended sediment transport in rivers and watercourses
  • Can be utilized with or without a frame
  • Suitable for deployment at various depths
Bed-load transportmeter, type Arnhem

Arnhem Type Bed-Load Transport Meter

  • Stabilizing tail fin on the bed transport meter frame
  • Used for quantifying bed-load of coarse sand and fine gravel
  • Designed to allow water and fines to flow through its mouth