Close-up of sample in Edelman auger
Close-up of sample in Edelman auger
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Soil augers & samplers

Empire United Ltd. has meticulously designed auger sampling equipment to cater to diverse soil research needs. Drawing on years of collaboration with soil experts, we have honed our auger designs to perfection, tailoring them to various soil types. This precision ensures the extraction of dependable and accurate soil samples, laying the groundwork for meaningful subsequent research endeavors.

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Close-up of sample in Edelman auger

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Empire United Hand Augers

Hand augers

To ensure the reliability of soil samples, the choice of the correct hand auger is crucial. Empire United Ltd. experts have developed two types of connections – bayonet and conical screw thread – enabling drilling to greater depths. Crafted from high-quality non-toxic steel, these hand augers are exceptionally suitable for soil and environmental research.

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Gouge auger with soil sample

Gouge augers

Our gouge augers, hand-forged by skilled professionals from high-quality hardened steel, exemplify durability. These augers minimize sample distortion, making them perfect for profile research and sampling. Available in various lengths and diameters, both extendable and non-extendable versions are offered.

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Using the foil sampler

Undisturbed core samplers

A successful laboratory analysis starts with proper field sampling, hinging on the quality of samples. Empire United Ltd. presents a diverse range of undisturbed core samplers to cater to various needs in the field and laboratory settings.

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Grass plot sample

Grass plot samplers

For grassland research, horticulturists, and park managers, the grass plot samplers are designed to simplify soil and root zone sampling. This stainless-steel instrument allows for rapid sampling while walking, making it ideal for efficient work in these domains.

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Root auger range

Root samplers

The root sampler is recommended to study root system development, determining depth and density. It's available in both single (one-piece) and extendable (two-piece) versions, offering flexibility based on application and depth requirements.

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Using the profile sampler

Profile samplers

The profile sampler stands out by extracting a rectangular sample from the top layer, preserving roots up to 2 centimeters in diameter. The sample's ease of removal reduces disturbance risk, ensuring minimal disruption.

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Percussion auger with samples

Machine operated auger sets

Machine-operated auger sets designed by Empire United Ltd. facilitate motorized augering in hard soils, reaching depths of up to 10 meters. These instruments are tailored for drilling and soil sampling in challenging conditions, particularly suited for hard soils containing rubble and stones, providing an alternative when manual drilling is inadequate.

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