Multiparameter water quality measurements

Scuba water quality sensors

The Scuba water quality probes are suitable for various applications. They can be used for discrete sampling and profiling, or as self-powered loggers. Connect them to telemetry stations for continuous real-time monitoring and have your water quality data accessible directly via cloud-based software. The Scuba probes can communicate via RS-232, SDI-12 or Modbus.

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Scuba Trimeter

Scuba Trimeter

  • A compact solution with a 50 mm diameter
  • Making it the smallest instrument in our range
  • Measures temperature, depth, and an additional parameter to provide essential water quality insights
Scuba 50

Scuba 50

  • With a 50 mm diameter
  • Measures temperature, pH, EC, and DO
  • Offers the option to include depth or oxidation reduction potential (ORP) sensors for enhanced capabilities
Scuba 65

Scuba 65

  • Features 65 mm diameter
  • Measures pH, EC, DO, and temperature. It optionally supports depth and ORP measurements
  • Well-suited for turbidity monitoring
Scuba 75

Scuba 75

  • Features 75 mm diameter
  • Accomodates up to 7 sensors
  • Measures parameters such as turbidity, temperature, pH, conductivity, and DO, among others
Scuba 90

Scuba 90

  • Capable of holding up to 11 different sensors
  • Measures a comprehensive range of parameters, including turbidity, temperature, pH, conductivity, and DO
  • Includes a central cleaning system for enhanced maintenance
Scuba 105

Scuba 105

  • Offers the highest sensor capacity in the industry, accommodating up to 13 sensors
  • Suitable for extensive scientific research
  • Features a built-in central cleaning system

Measure multiple water quality parameters

The Scuba probes provide a high degree of customization to meet your specific needs, allowing you to select the parameters you wish to measure. Battery packs can also be added to extend the monitoring duration to several weeks or months.

Why Choose Scuba Water Quality Probes:

  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Long sensor lifetime
  • Customizable parameter selection
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ample internal datalogger memory storage
  • Automatic recording of internal calibration data and sensor health status
  • Easy and fast calibration process
The water quality parameters that our probes can measure include:
Temperature Chlorophyll, blue-green algae, PAR
Acidity (pH) Crude oil, refined oil
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) CDOM/FDOM, tryptophan
Electrical Conductivity (EC) Fluorescein dye, rhodamine
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Dissolved CO2
Depth Optical brighteners

Designed for field use

The Scuba range comes equipped with features that ensure reliable operation. Optional copper gauze slowly releases copper ions into the water, preventing biofouling. Larger probe models (Scuba 75, 90, and 105) include a wiper system to maintain sensor cleanliness.

Key Features of Scuba Probes:

  • Anti-corrosive housing
  • TLED status indicators for sensor diagnostics
  • Robust marine bulkhead connectors
  • Direct, Bluetooth, or telemetry connection options
  • User-friendly software for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms

Low Maintenance Costs

With low maintenance costs, the Scuba probes offer prolonged functionality. The reference sensor's separate design reduces consumables, and the optional copper gauze and wiper system in larger models minimize maintenance frequency. Depending on water fouling conditions, a Scuba can function for at least a month or even longer between maintenance intervals.

Measure in the field rather than the lab, why

Measuring water quality in the field is advantageous over lab analysis due to reduced sample alteration. Storing and transporting water samples can alter pH, EC, and DO levels, leading to inaccuracies. Analyzing samples on-site helps maintain accurate measurements and prevents sample deterioration.