With the Scuba BGA

Algae monitoring

Monitor algae growth effectively and proactively with the Scuba BGA, a specialized solution for blue-green algae monitoring. Blue-green algae can pose significant risks to aquatic environments, and timely management is crucial. The Scuba BGA offers continuous surveillance of algae growth in surface water, providing early warnings and eliminating the need for water sampling. Here's what the Scuba BGA system entails:

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Scuba BGA

Scuba BGA:

  • Solar-powered floating buoy
  • Detects and monitors blue-green algae growth
  • Provides early warning alerts
  • Eliminates the need for manual water sampling
Scuba BGA accessory set

Scuba BGA Accessory Set:

  • Comprehensive set for easy installation of the Scuba BGA
Stainless steel mounting wire

Stainless Steel Mounting Wire:

  • Attach the Scuba BGA to navigation buoys for stable positioning
Navigation buoy

Navigation Buoy:

  • Provides protection and serves as a life ring for the Scuba BGA
Weight bag

Weight bag:

  • To anchor the Scuba BGA
Anchor rope

Anchor Rope:

  • Securely anchors the Scuba BGA system
Replacement brush

Replacement brush

  • Maintain sensor cleanliness for accurate readings

Scuba BGA buoy and accessories

The Scuba BGA system operates as an independent instrument, continuously measuring algae and other water parameters. Real-time results are accessible online through a user-friendly platform. This solution is particularly valuable for various water bodies, including recreational lakes, urban waterways, watercourses, rivers, and areas where human and animal interaction with water occurs. Safeguard aquatic environments and public safety with the Scuba BGA monitoring solution.