Environmental research

Understanding the quality of soil, groundwater, and sediment holds immense significance in determining the value of real estate, assessing liabilities, and evaluating the risks associated with environmental pollution.

General environmental soil investigation

The objective of this type of research is to achieve an understanding of the environmental and hygienic quality of the soil, as well as to identify potential contaminants present in the soil. Utilizing the outcomes of these investigations, alongside the intended use of the land, determinations are made regarding the need for remediation.

Environmental research plays an essential role in establishing both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of soil quality, as well as the quality of (ground) water and aquatic sediment.

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Discover our products for environmental research

SOLICARE brewing package

SOLICARE Brewing Package:

  • Contains high-quality compost with essential microbiology
  • Includes a carefully formulated nutrient mix
  • Provides immediately absorbable nutrients for plants


  • Effective and affordable tool for sustainable soil management
  • Offers a clear understanding of soil resilience
  • Provides insights into soil life quantity and quality
Video module

Video Module:

  • Miniature color video camera with 6 high-brightness LEDs
  • Protected by a durable scratch-resistant sapphire window
  • Easily replaceable window and camera unit
Compact Crawler CPT130

Compact Crawler CPT130:

  • Easy-to-transport and operate
  • Powerful 130 kN capacity
  • Detachable CPT pusher for efficient testing
CompactRotoSonic 140 DUO

CompactRotoSonic 140 DUO:

  • Features two types of drill heads
  • Compact design with high-quality sample collection
  • Suitable for various drilling needs


  • Measures water loss through evaporation
  • Scientifically designed for accurate measurements
  • Collects undisturbed soil monolith samples
Hand auger set - bayonet connection, compact

Hand Auger Set (Bayonet Connection - Compact):

  • Ideal for geological surveys
  • Compact set in a backpack
  • Enables augering up to 7 meters depth
Grass plot sampler - Ø 23 mm

Grass Plot Sampler (Ø 23 mm):

  • Suitable for soil sampling above the groundwater table
  • Samples at 5 or 10 cm lengths
  • Ensures undisturbed sampling
Hogweed auger

Hogweed Auger:

  • Ergonomic tool for effective root removal
  • Easy emptying with a curved spatula
  • Prevents hogweed re-germination
Peristaltic pump - 12 VDC advanced

Peristaltic Pump - 12 VDC Advanced:

  • Suitable for anaerobe, water, and groundwater sampling
  • Designed for sampling from wells up to 9 meters deep
  • Prevents cross contamination through exchangeable tubing
Liquid layer sampler - rod operated, standard

Liquid Layer Sampler - Rod Operated (Standard):

  • Designed for sewage water research
  • Made of translucent PTFE and stainless steel
  • Enables liquid layer sampling
Beeker sediment core sampler - set

Beeker Sediment Core Sampler - Set:

  • Ideal for geohydrological and environmental soil research
  • Provides fast and precise sample collection
  • Features a contaminant-free stainless steel body
Van Veen grab - four variants

Van Veen Grab - Four Variants:

  • Offers a quick assessment of sediment type
  • Available in four sizes to cater to various needs
  • Constructed with inert stainless steel
Bed-load transportmeter, type Arnhem

Bed-Load Transportmeter, Type Arnhem:

  • Stabilizing tail fin for frame stability
  • Measures bed-load of coarse sand and fine gravel
  • Allows water and fines to flow through the mouth
Aardvark permeameter PC-tablet set

Aardvark Permeameter PC-Tablet Set:

  • Ideal for environmental monitoring
  • Utilizes constant-head borehole permeameter
  • Suitable for deep, long, and shallow measurements