Compact CPT rigs with anchors
Compact CPT rigs with anchors
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Range of CPT Rigs

Our array of CPT rigs encompasses a diverse selection, ranging from the easily transportable Compact Crawlers to the robustly ballasted Boxed Crawlers and our versatile Boxed Truck Crawler. Regardless of the ground conditions or access limitations on your site, we have the appropriate CPT rig to ensure the seamless execution of your ground investigation program.

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Compact CPT rigs with anchors

Our products

Compact Crawler CPT130

Compact Crawler CPT130:

  • Easily transportable and operable
  • Compact yet robust at 130 kN pushing capacity
  • Features a detachable CPT pusher for flexibility
Compact Crawler CPT200

Compact Crawler CPT200:

  • Compact design with a formidable 200 kN pushing capacity
  • Detachable CPT pusher for convenience
  • User-friendly operation and transportation
Boxed Crawler CPT100

Boxed Crawler CPT100:

  • Fully ballasted and self-contained
  • Equipped for rail track operation
  • Promises low operational costs
Boxed Truck Crawler CPT180

Boxed Truck Crawler CPT180:

  • Road truck with full ballast
  • Impressive pushing force of 180 kN
  • Equipped with deployable crawlers for navigating soft terrain